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If your looking to buy from a car dealership, Carbuco can help reduce the risk of being ripped off by running a series of checks designed to help you identify rogue traders

We offer the ONLY background checks on UK car dealers

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Get peace of mind with our FREE Car Dealer Background Check aimed at helping you avoid scams & rogue traders.

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We offer the only Car Dealer Background Check in the UK

Can you trust who your buying from?

  • We as car buyers have been neglecting to research who we buy from for years.
  • Millions of customers losing their hard earned money when things go wrong.
  • Do you want to risk your investment in a potential rogue trader?

Carbuco has the solution

  • We assess the dealership you are thinking of buying from using our extensive knowledge and expertise.

What you get with your dealer check

  • FREE report - No sign up required
  • Report in 24 hours
  • Online Reviews
  • Online Research
  • Company Checks
  • CCJ Checks
  • Dealer History
  • Named Directors
  • Linked Businesses
  • Recomendations
  • HPI Check on request

Our industry leading expertise

In addition to the above services we can boast a founder who is the ONLY person in the UK that has seen the pain of car buyers who have been mistreated at the hands of car dealers. Working on the UKs only free to use consumer driven review platform he puts the car buyers needs and rights at the heart of everything. Over 5 years he has personally read tens of thousands of customer reviews, helped countless consumers stand up against dealerships when nobody could help and has seen all types of common scams and tricks adopted by dealerships.

Here at Carbuco we really care and want to make a difference by helping you in any which way we can. Our Car Dealer Risk Report really can give you all the confidence you need to purchase by arming you with what has been previously unseen information about a dealership.

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Frequently asked questions

Our dealer check was launched to help car buyers understand who they are buying from. Quite simply put used car dealers are the least trusted of all professions and there is good reason for this. Our report uses our expertise and know how to help you see exactly who you are buying from. For more information click here

Absolutely. We have written plenty of articles that will help understand your options. Firstly, we always advise to get your experience online and draw the dealerships attention to this. If this fails to get there attention make a complaint in writing. Check our Car Buying Guide for some excellent tips to help you understand more about your rights.

The simple answer to this is do your research about who you are buying from. A simple Google search using the dealerships name should display reviews from sites such as Car Dealer Reviews, AutoTrader, CarGurus or more. If you find plenty of negative reviews, the list to them and dont assume you will be treated any differently. For more information check our Online Reviews section.

The founder of Carbuco arguably has more knowledge about online reviews in the car buying world than anyone in the UK. The answer in short is yes, but with caution. You have to listen to what other reviews are saying if negative. There are plenty of things to look out for when reading reviews, please check out our Online Reviews section for more about this.

We have made it easy as possible to start a campaign with us. Simply fill out a our campaign form which takes under 5 mins to complete. You do not pay any upfront fees and do not need to provide any bank details until you wish to withdraw your funds.

How this site works

Carbuco wants our visitors to understand how we operate. We are a journalistic site that aims to use our experience and that of our visitors to provide advice, support, tip and techniques to make your car buying experience hassle free. We can't guarantee that our site will protect you against having a bad experience, so please use the information at your own risk and we can't accept liability if anything goes wrong.

Any articles, videos or forum comments do not constitute as financial advice. In all instances we recommend our visitors undertake their own research independent to Carbuco.

At all times we always act in the best interests of consumers. Using our extensive knowledge regarding UK car dealerships gained from years of reading reviews we are merely relaying this information and are not the source of the information gained. 

Where we offer advice regarding reviews & the reputation of dealerships, we are merely sharing information and this does not constitute as a direct advice to either avoid or purchase. You should always use our information provided alongside your own research.

The opinions and advice shared within our posts or forum are those of the author and not the views or opinions of

Carbuco is an independently owned company, although our knowledge base can come from external websites we stand alone in representing the best interests of our car buyer community.