We are handing the power back to car buyers!

Together car buyers everywhere can make a difference to the way we buy used cars. We share our expert advice to assist you pre purchase and more importantly we support you post purchase using our in house fundraising platform.

Did you know?

AutoTrader identified that only 7% of car buyers trust car dealers
of people know somebody who has been ripped off by a car dealer
£23 billion
a year of UK spend is potentially impacted by online reviews
of UK consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision

Meet our founder

"I had to act and make a difference"

For the past 5 years our founder has dedicated his life working on developing the leading review platform in the automotive industry. During this period he has literally read every review posted online and has had to read thousands of reviews where car buyers have been ripped off and left without a car.

For too long consumers have been left vulnerable and powerless at the hands of rogue traders. Car buyers have had nowhere to turn when things go wrong. Not anymore.

Our owner thought to himself, what can I do about this? I have to stand up for car buyers and make a difference, so this is when Carbuco was born.

Primarily 2 products were launched that would help the UK consumers:

  1. First was our “Car Dealer Background Check” which is as it says on the tin. We undertake researching any UK dealership on behalf of our customers. Using our expertise we can quickly identify when car buyers maybe at risk of buying from a rogue trader and can share this information to help make better and more informed decisions.
  2. Our crowdfunding service which was launched to help those car buyers in need of help and support. We have all seen many other crowdfunding sites, yet none dedicated to helping car buyers. We want our community to support each other whether it be financially or by offering advice on how to deal with any issues they maybe going through.

Our mission is to empower car buyers everywhere by arming them with more pre sale knowledge about car dealerships that we as a community drive rogue dealers out of business.

Our vision is simple. To create a community of car buyers who together share knowledge and support to create a more enjoyable and risk free car buying experience.

Join us today and make a difference to every generation of car buyer.

How we can help you

Dealer Checks

Get peace of mind with our FREE Car Dealer Background Check aimed at helping you avoid scams & rogue traders.

Advice Centre

Using our experience we offer advice to our community through videos and articles. This advice is aimed to help our visitors.


We offer a free to use fundraising platform. This allows our community to reach out to others in a time of need.


Ask questions & share your experiences with our community. Together we can make a difference.