Why is fundraising with Carbuco free?

We launched our service to help others in need and it’s with that in mind we want our community to help each other. Our service is for anyone who needs help that has nowhere to turn.

The only cost of the service is a withdrawl fee percentage that covers the cost of transaction fees and allows us to use profits to allocate to our community.

Risk free fundraising

As there is no set up cost to start a campaign, even if you gain very few funds you will not be out of pocket and plunged further in debt. 

Let us help you. All it takes to start a campaign is your time and we have made our set process as easy as possible. You don’t need to share any bank or personal details on set up.

  • £0 listing fee
  • Wont cost you a penny if you fail to get donations
  • Only 6% withdrawal fee

How we keep fundraising free

We aim to make fundraising as straight forwards and available to anyone in need. We exist to help car buyers and we also rely on the help of our community to donate to our cause which allows us to offer advice, support and donations.




We do not charge you to start a campaign. Carbuco also do not charge a transaction fee per donation unlike other crowdfunding websites.

6% of any profits go directly back to helping our community. This means your money can go into helping others.

We charge a flat rate of 6% for any withdrawl meaning you keep more of your money, we are charged a 2.9% transaction fee