Raising money

We have made it very easy to start fundraising with Carbuco, it literally takes a couple of minutes. You can personalise your campaign sharing images, comments and anything that will appeal to potential donors. Share your story with the car buying public and invite those close to you to donate to your cause.

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The options are endless. Its a platform made for car buyers so whatever you need you can set a fundraising campaign live with us. Our platform allows you to raise money for yourself, friends and family, work colleagues or even strangers in a random act of kindness. You can raise money for just about anything, incuding:

Hardship Fund (for those in need)

Legal Assistance

Car Servicing

Your Next Car

Car Insurance

Car Repairs

Other Causes (anything else you can think of)

That is simple. We exist for car buyers, from our advice and support to the campaigns you can set up with us, its all tailored towards helping you. Fundraising with us centres around your saving and inviting family and friends to replace gifts with donations on our site. Through our rewards programme you can also offer a reward (service, product or skill you have) in return for a donation to your campaign. 

We have a 0% platform fee meaning it wont cost you a penny to start a campaign, Carbuco only takes 6% of every donation you receive. It takes up to 7 days to release your funds directly to your account meaning fast payment towards your cause. 

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Absolutely. Carbuco uses the very best payment encryption technology. Where you see the padlock on your toolbar is a clear indication that our site is safe and secure and meets Googles standards. Your payments and those of donors are kept safe and secure until you are ready to withdraw your money via electronic bank transfer.

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You are free to end your campaign at any stage and make a request to withdraw your funds. Your withdrawl request should take no longer than 7 days to reach your bank account. In all instances we aim to get the funds to you ASAP.

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No. However the longest we can hold your funds is for 3 months. You can withdraw your funds at any time or choose to have each contribution sent directly to your bank account.

The best way is to communicate to people about your cause. The most effective tool is to use your social media account such as Facebook. Share with friends and family about your cause and remember to make it heartfelt so people show empathy towards you. This isn’t about sharing once and hoping for the best, you will need to continue to update people, share again and also talk to people in person about this, directing them to your Carbuco campaign page.

Yes you can. You may run campaigns on behalf of other people and so this will suit you. However, a note of caution for those setting a campaign for themselves. You will struggle to get donations for different issues you may have so it would be best practice to combine a potential campaign into one and highlight the many issues you maybe having.


Absolutely. Carbuco uses the very best payment encryption technology. Where you see the padlock on your toolbar is a clear indication that our site is safe and secure and meets Googles standards. Your payments and those of donors are sent directly to your bank account and those making payments can currently do so securely through Paypal.

You can choose whether to share your identity of remain anonymous, we leave that decision in your hands. As soon as a donation has been made the owner will receive an alert.

We spend the money across a few areas including; allocation to existing campaigns in our community, improving of our website and marketing to make sure more people hear about our service.

Of course, yes. In fact we strongly recommend and encourage this. Our platform presents any business owner the opportunity to show you are socially caring and demonstrates that in an industry lacking trust that your business stands above this and wants to make a difference. For more information about working with Carbuco please visit here.

Campaign Beneficary

Absolutely. We completely understand that we live in a world where not everyone understands or even uses the internet. If you know of someone who is in hardship and could do with the help of others than please start a campaign today.

At any point of your campaign you can request to withdraw all funds. This request can take up to 5 working days to arrive into your account. We also have an option for all funds to be directly sent to your account after each donation.

Of course you can. This is actually quite common as it allows you to move money around accounts or to kick off a campaign.