BBC Watchdog recommend you research the dealer

A recent article found on BBC’s Watchdog about “How to buy a second hand car” identified an area often overlooked when buying a used car.

Carbuco always talks about how you should vet a dealer, its at the root of why we were established, now a major powerhouse for consumer rights has instructed its community to research car dealerships as part of your buying process.

Car expert Mark Brown offered 12 steps to take when you need a new motor, and how to stop yourself from getting lumped with a lemon, number one of these steps states that you should; Research the market…..and the dealer. The article goes on to say that you should ensure the advertised price is right, within your budget and stick to your budget – this information may be useful when negotiating a deal. Read reviews for things to look out for on a specific model. Why not research the dealer too, and search the net for history/feedback on them.

Carbuco knows exactly what to look for when researching a car dealer and we run a series of checks designed to identify the good, the bad and the ugly. Check our background checks today and request a report before you buy.

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