Customer fighting back against Walthamstow car dealer

Carbuco has been made aware of a campaign that has been started against an individual who has opened and closed numerous car dealerships over the years. This is a problem that is a massive concern and worry to the car buying public as it keeps happening time and again.

It is often a common practice for rogue traders to close a limited company once legal action has been taken against a dealership who may owe a customer money. Our owner worked on a review platform where he would read numerous cases where this would happen and it was upon frustration just like this that Carbuco was formed.

A campaign has been started against an individual who we will only name as Danny/ Adnan as per the shared image for legal reasons. It has been alleged that he has owned 9 different dealerships over the years including:

  • RS Car Sales Ltd (currently trading under)
  • Lea Bridge Motors Ltd
  • BD Trade Sales Ltd
  • Blue Diamond Cars Ltd
  • Bluegate Cars Ltd
  • Stargate Cars Ltd
  • Blue Diamond Autos Ltd
  • Blue Diamond Motors Ltd
  • BN Motors Ltd

The individual who has started a petition did so having bought a car for £4500. Very quickly after the purchase the car developed major engine, gear box and internal problems that made it literally impossible to drive. Since this time the owner of the above dealerships have been unhelpful to the customer and at a great cost to have had to pay for repairs out of their own pocket.

This customer also discovered that the owner of this dealership has been on a programme called “The Sheriffs Are Coming.”

This is when they were known as “Bluegate Cars” – see the full episode of Dont Get Done, Get Dom – Second Hand Cars below

Adnan has just recently (15/05/2019) been on BBC Watch Dog on Rogue traders –

Independent review websites and TV programmes such as Rogue Traders on Watchdog do bring certain individuals to the public eye, but not enough is being done to police this common practice and stop individuals getting away with this.

Carbuco wants to help and support campaigns like this so please join our forum, talk to us and help promote our service. Every share helps!

To read more about this campaign and to join this particular petition please click here

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