Lincolnshire car dealer jailed for posing as a Trading Standards Officer

  • Jailed in Feb 19 for 12 months on three separate charges
  • Impersonated Trading standards Officer
  • Supplied an unsafe car
  • Perverted the course of justice

In August 2017 a Lincoln car dealer, Mark Drury sold a dangerous used car to a member of the public.

We have been made aware that this individual was linked to 2 dealerships; Lincs Sports Cars & Route 66 Lincs (who both traded from the same address once one business had closed down) where over a period of time many negative reviews were left from disgruntled customers.

In relation to this case, the customer, having driven away from the dealership noticed a banging noise coming from the rear of the car. On further inspection at a local garage it was discovered that the prop shaft and both drive shafts had infact been removed. At this point Trading Standards were contacted and they seized the car in order to undertake further tests.

The next day, Mark Drury arrived at the garage impersonating an Officer from Trading Standard and attempted to tow the vehicle away. Staff at the garage soon realised what was happening and blocked the car in, leaving Mark to flee from the scene.

Lincolnshire Trading Standards were quick to release a statement citing that any businesses that rogue traders will be prosecuted and brought to justice.

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