North West car dealers convicted of supplying an unroadworthy car

  • Convicted of selling an unroadworthy car
  • Defendants pleaded guilty to supplying an unroadworthy vehicle contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988
  • Also pleaded guilty to two charges under the Consumer Protection from unfair Trading Regulations 2008
  • Both fined by Stockport Magistrates Court

The Stockport County Council website reported that only two days after the sale the customer obtained a report from another local garage which said that the vehicle was dangerous. The sellers ignored the customer requests for a refund.

The vehicle assessor report obtained by Stockport Council Trading Standards stated that the car was excessively corroded and rotted through in many places to the extent that the entire rear of the chassis could come away altogether, especially if towing.

The extremely concerning part of this report was that serious defects were found in the steering, suspension and wiring were also identified and the fuel tank was found to be leaking.

The report concluded that the vehicle was ‘unroadworthy and extremely dangerous presenting an extremely high risk of damage to property, and exposes the vehicle’s occupant, the trailer’s contents which may be animals and other road users to the risk of injury or death’.

It was the opinion of this report that the car was not fit for purpose and had to be scrapped.

Another quote taken from article found on the Stockport Councils website reported by Stockport Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing, Councillor Sheila Bailey, said:

“Tackling rogue second hand car dealers who put the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users at serious risk of injury and who cheat consumers by misrepresenting their vehicles is a priority for our Trading Standards team.

Complaints about second hand cars bought from independent traders continue to rank high on the list of the most common consumer complaints, both nationally and locally, and we will continue to take robust action against dishonest traders.”

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