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Have you or someone you know been ripped off or had a disaster with your new car and have nowhere to turn? Why not start a fundraising campaign today with Carbuco.

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Fundraising with Carbuco

Fundraising has never been easier.

We have launched our service because more people raise complaints in the automotive industry than any other. We know car dealers have a bad reputation and we all know someone who has been ripped off at some point which is why we are here to help those in need.

Our founder operated a review platform for over 5 years and would read horror stories daily where car buyers would be ripped off and left without car and money. With this in mind our crowdfunding service was launched allowing us to help friends, family members or strangers.

How it works

It could not be easier to start your campaign with us. Follow the below steps and you can have your campaign live within minutes.

Sign up

We have a simple form to complete to start your campaign

Create campaign

Your campaign needs to be heartfelt and stress the value of donations.

Share with everyone

You must share across you social media pages and by word of mouth.

Frequently asked questions

The options are endless. Its a platform made for car buyers so whatever you need you can set a fundraising campaign live with us. Our platform allows you to raise money for yourself, friends and family, work colleagues or even strangers in a random act of kindness. You can raise money for just about anything, incuding:

Hardship Fund (for those in need)

Legal Assistance

Car Repairs

The best way is to communicate to people about your cause. The most effective tool is to use your social media account such as Facebook. Share with friends and family about your cause and remember to make it heartfelt so people show empathy towards you. This isn’t about sharing once and hoping for the best, you will need to continue to update people, share again and also talk to people in person about this, directing them to your Carbuco campaign page.

Absolutely. Carbuco uses the very best payment encryption technology. Where you see the padlock on your toolbar is a clear indication that our site is safe and secure and meets Googles standards. Your payments and those of donors are sent directly to your bank account and those making payments can currently do so securely through Paypal.

Start fundraising now

By communicating. When you spend time with family or friends then mention the page and direct them to your campaign. Use your social media or that of family and friends to share thus maximizing the visibility of the issues and support you require.